Without the Blaggers ...
there would be no Stage Bottles!

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Old Blaggers blag on ..!

The Blaggers were formed in 1988 by members of London Anti-Fascist Action to promote & raise money for AFA. The band achieved a fair amount of success, especially in 1993 when as Blaggers ITA we were signed by EMI & made it into the UK Top 50 with the single 'Abandon Ship'. The band were able to use the extensive media coverage at this time to promote AFA in a very positive way.

However during a tour with The Manic Street Preachers a journalist from the Melody Maker was given a slap for calling singer Matty Blag a fascist & saying the bands methods & imagery was no different to the British Movement. The band were blacklisted by most of the mainstream music press & in 1994 EMI dropped the band.

In 1995 Matty Blag decided to quit and the following year Blaggers ITA split up. In 2000 most AFA members had become part of a new group called the Independent Working Class Association (IWCA), a community based organisation set up to represent the interests of the working class & provide working class people with an alternative to the Labour Party who now openly admit to being a party of the middle class.

To help raise funds for the IWCA the band was reformed under the name Blaggers AKA with original members Matt (bass) & Jason (drums) along with Olaf, who played sax with Blaggers ITA in 1992, on vocals & Marcel, currently in The Stage Bottles with Olaf, on guitar.

Any money raised from Blaggers AKA gigs will go towards helping the various campaigns that the IWCA are involved with around the UK.